Firstly, thank you for checking out my blog!

So, a little about me.

I’m Lee. I’m a thirty-something girl living in a small town in Wiltshire. I’ve lived here pretty much all of my life and I’ve bought my first home here.

I started this blog because I enjoy writing, and I also wanted a way of sharing my story about my battles with anxiety over the years. I find it good for my mental health to talk about things and that’s where this blog began.

I absolutely love Interior Design and spend a lot of time (and money, oops) making my lovely little flat into a beautiful home. I’m forever trawling through Ideal Home Magazine, Pinterest or Instagram for inspiration.

I also love dogs. I sometimes wonder if I like them better than people? I don’t own a dog (sob) but there’s definitely dogs in my future. My Mother has 2 dogs, who may feature on here now and again (YAY).

I like to go running, something I took up late 2017 and haven’t looked back since. I often think about food when I run. I also love doing yoga and anything else that’s good for the mind and the soul.

I love to sing, something I’ve always loved along with playing the piano. I sing in a Gospel Choir each week which I really love. I find it a massive help in terms of my wellbeing and I’ve met lots of lovely people.

Like many people, I suffer from various forms of anxiety and mental health issues but I try my absolute best not to let them impact my life. I’m a tough old cookie these days.

So I hope you enjoyed reading a little more about me and I hope you enjoy my blog!

L x